Let’s drink a coffee

First I would like to get together to discuss what your demands are and why you need a website. This way we can see what kind of website suits the best for your needs and which tools we are able to use to get more leads for your business.

Choose your design

After discussing your needs and wishes, I’ll show you some examples of the designs and together we will choose one that will fit exactly to your business.


Some of my customers have a lot of content (images and texts) for their new website and some don’t have any. We will discuss which functionality and information will be shown on the website so you will receive an end result that you can be proud of and fits to your needs.

Don’t you have content to show on your website? Don’t worry, I will help you with this.

It’s also really easy to go to an old version of your page. No worry’s about loosing your work as a content editor.


During the development period, I will check the results on a regular basis to see if this still fits your needs. This way we can add changes in an early fase and prevent major changes to be done in the last fase of the project.

This way I ensure that my customers get the website they want.

Finishing the project

I will discuss and finalize the website with you to make sure that the project is a success. In this fase, I’m are able to teach you how the content management system works so you are able to maintain the website by yourself without any technical knowledge. Do you have any problems with this? I’m there to fix any issue.

Do you need someone that will maintain the website? Let me know.

Please notice some examples of my happy customers.

Standard tools

I deliver the website with the WordPress content management system. This is the most user friendly CMS and is used allover the world.

Google Analytics is included with all of our websites. This can be used to analize the website for example to see: how many visitors, which source and bounce rates of particular pages. Also Google Tag Manager can be included into your site to measure custom events/data on your website.

In Google Analtytics you are able to see how many unique visitors will visit your website.
You are able to see how many pages of your website the unique visitor will visit.
Select the time of when you will see the data. The standard is 1 month but this can be modified by any custom date you want to have.
You are able to see if visitors will visit your website without making 1 interaction. This result is displayed as bounce rate. The lower the bouncerate, the better the performance of you website.
It’s even possible to show live traffic on your website. Just published your campaign online? You are able to react quickly because you have live data!

Why me?

With several years of experience as a developer, maintaining my own webshop and worked for almost 2 years as an administrator of the second largest beer brand in the world I’ve seen a lot and know the best practises of launching and maintaining a website.

Because I’m a travelling developer who doesn’t need to finance an office or sales team, the prices of my services are really sharp.

Let’s discuss the possibilities

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